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First License NZ COC STCW Course The Dirty Dozen BMP- ANIMAL WELFARE



The "Dirty Dozen" - the Eighth Epic Voyage of Sindbad the sailor

The Dirty Dozen refers to twelve of the most common human error preconditions, or conditions that can act as precursors, to accidents or incidents. These twelve elements influence people to make mistakes. The Dirty Dozen is a concept developed by Gordon Dupont, in 1993, whilst he was working for Transport Canada, and formed part of an elementary training programme for Human Performance. It has since become a cornerstone of Human Factors in Maintenance training courses worldwide.

The Dirty Dozen is not a comprehensive list of human error accident precursors there are lists over 300 human error precursors. However, since 1993 many industries, not just aircraft maintenance, have found the Dirty Dozen a useful introduction to open discussions into human error in their businesses, organizations and workplaces.

The List

The original list, developed for aircraft maintenance is below and there is no order of priority.

1. Lack of communication

5. Complacency

9. Lack of knowledge

2. Distraction

6. Lack of teamwork

10. Fatigue

3. Lack of resources

7. Pressure

11. Lack of assertiveness

4. Stress

8. Lack of awareness

12. Norms


RTS Sindbad through the Sindbad's adventure cruises, trains people for the countermeasures against the dirty dozen.